Electronic Press Kit

“… (Jennifer) Ruth holds the whole thing together with the sincerity she delivers even the most outrageous dialogue and her reactions to the increasing craziness around her.”
Dead Man’s Cell Phone review,

I’m a SAG-AFTRA actor and writer-filmmaker originally from upstate NY. Summers as a child were spent seeing theatre in London during family visits (I’m a US-UK dual citizen), acting in local productions, and writing my own scripts. My hometown was tiny but my dreams are huge, so I moved to NYC to start my acting career, then took a scenic detour to study holistic health, which has served me well by inspiring me to reignite my calling as an actor in a grounded, intuitive way.

I love acting and filmmaking because they invite me to bring my imagination and collaborative spirit to every project I am part of, and hopefully inspire people through storytelling.

I am a longtime yogi, vegan, and social justice & animal rights activist. My passions include London, meandering hikes in nature, green smoothies, ’90s pop, dirty chai lattes (that’s chai with a shot of espresso, for the uninitiated!), and re-reading Sue Grafton mystery novels. My favorite place on earth is a theatre, in that moment when the house lights go down and the audience hushes in anticipation.

The following clips and links may give you a sense of me and my work. Thanks for stopping by!
~ Jennifer


Hopeful Woman Trying to See the Bright Side
Mysterious, Vulnerable Woman
Southern Beauty Queen Loses her Cool


Lydia Rising (5 min, drama)
Watch film: https://vimeo.com/210486010
Screenings: Oregon Cinema Arts Film Festival, Saint Louis Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival (winner: Best Hair & Makeup), Texas Short Film Festival

Ghosts (15 min, supernatural drama/thriller)
Download pitch deck here

* Screenplays for a feature film drama and 3 half-hour dramedy TV pilots available upon request