About Me

I love acting and filmmaking because they invite me to bring my imagination and collaborative spirit to every project I am part of, and hopefully inspire people through storytelling.

As an actor, I have appeared in iconic classics including The Odd Couple, originated roles in world premiere new plays, danced as Ashley Olsen’s stand-in on Saturday Night Live, and moonlighted as nurses and bar-hoppers on the daytime dramas All My Children and One Life to Live. A passion for writing led me to create, direct, and co-star in the short Lydia Rising, which screened at the Oregon Cinema Arts Film Festival and the St. Louis Sci-Fi and Fantasy Film Festival, at which it won an award for Best Hair & Makeup.

Being of service to others and uplifting humanity is very important to me, in my work and in my life. In addition to my acting and film pursuits, I have studied classical Chinese medicine in NYC and Portland, OR. I found that learning about holistic healing and our connection to the earth only made me a stronger, more centered, and more giving artist and human. I am a longtime yogi, vegan, and social justice & animal rights activist. My passions include London, meandering hikes in nature, green smoothies, ’90s pop, dirty chai lattes (that’s chai with a shot of espresso, for the uninitiated!), and re-reading Sue Grafton’s Kinsey mystery novels. My favorite place on earth is a theatre, in that moment when the house lights go down and the audience hushes in anticipation.

I’m currently developing my debut feature film, in which Thomas Kopache (the “Catheter Cowboy” of John Oliver fame, among many other credits) will co-star, with plans to head into production in Fall 2021. I’m always on the lookout for acting work that invites, challenges, inspires, and encourages me. That’s my dream. What’s yours?

♥ Jennifer