Inspiration strikes

I don’t know about you, but this year has been…. quite the year! Sometimes I need to remind myself to find inspiration, to allow it to be my partner on the road ahead. I believe that inspiration is a powerful teacher, and as much as it’s important to bear witness to all of the hardships and problems in the world today, it’s inspiration that will gather the energy needed to create change and provide healing.

Where do I go to find inspiration?

You guessed it :). Nature.

It sounds cliched, but nature is the ultimate teacher about how to be present. Accept things as they are. In that space, even if it’s only a breath, a blink of the eye, that presence opens up a channel for new life, renewal, a fresh perspective, and the magical little whisper of inspiration. Even if it’s just a tiny shift, it can open up a whole new worldview.

I invite you to seek out the inspiring presence of the natural world today. Take a walk in the woods, get down to the beach, even simply take a moment to look out your window or enjoy nature photography on your phone. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will be waiting for you there.

Let’s get inspired!

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